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As we continue to develop our multiplayer server...

1 New Tasked Mission for FARP London Helos
(Total of 7 Missions Currently Available)
  • Transport The Reapers JTAC Squad into Battle - Our scouts on the ground have located a secret enemy compound. Your task is to pick up The Reapers JTAC Squad from Observation Post 71 and transports them to our LZ near the secret enemy compound. If you are successful, we will start lasing targets at the Secret Enemy Compound.

Defend The Fleet Sea Operations
Fly to WP1 for Air 2 Air Targets
2 Air Tankers On Assignment
S-3B Tanker 1 (Texco) 40x - 254 MHZ
S-3B Tanker 2 (Shell) 41x - 257 MHZ

Full Stats now enabled

Server IP :
Join Our Discord : https://discord.gg/98XkHB4
LIVE MAP & STATS: https://thefraternitysim.com/
System: i7 8700K, 32GG Ram @ 3200, 500gb SSD m.2, X56 Pro HOTAS, Rift S VR, 2080 Ti Black
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