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Lightbulb VAICOM PRO plugin for VoiceAttack


VAICOM PRO (FREE/PRO) is by far the most advanced speech recognition interface available for DCS World today. The plugin uses VoiceAttack as client host for dynamic voice recognition, enabling true-to-life radio dialogs with all AI units in the mission. The pro-grade toolset uses deep Lua/network integration into the DCS core, going way beyond the reach of traditional simple VA voice recognition setups which are restricted to just sending virtual keypresses. VAICOM PRO's advanced approach provides an unparalleled immersive experience, entering a whole new territory of simulation realism.

VAICOM PRO is hands-on. It replaces all cumbersome F-keys, on-screen menus and other immersion-breaking clutter. Forget the keyboard: you rely only on your microphone, HOTAS and radios just like in real life. The interface uses your aircraft radio systems for direct dialogs with coalition units such as your Flight/Wingmen, AWACS, ATCs, Ground Crew, Tankers and even JTACs using unit callsigns and standard brevity. The system is context-sensitive: it automatically detects all (!) DCS aircraft modules, self-configuring the radios for use with Easy Communication ON or OFF. VAICOM PRO works with both Single Player and Multi Player and features selectable Push-To-Talk modes. As a unique feature, you can even route comms audio to a separate audio device output.

VAICOM PRO is just as suitable for beginning virtual pilots as it is for advanced users. Get started with the free-to-download FREE edition and purchase your personal PRO license key to unlock support for all DCS modules and the complete range of features and options.​ VAICOM PRO uses just a single VA profile that is freely extendable: you can add your own commands or daisy-chain entire other profiles. Use VAICOM PRO alongside your other favorite tools such as SimpleRadio, TacView, SimShaker and TeamSpeak. Enhance your experience further with Chatter Themes and the powerful menuwheel-replacing AIRIO extension for F-14 Jester. With its 100% keyboard- and menu-free comms, VAICOM PRO is the ultimate complement to your HOTAS and (VR) headset.


Read carefully the included User Manual for installation und usage instructions (PDF also attached to this post for reference). Check post #2 for latest updates.

Happy flying!

Multi language support

Get keyword dictionaries here for other languages: Spanish, French, German..


new update tutorial:

Spudknocker taking VAICOM PRO for a ride:


Install problem?
2 mins install fix
Windows 7/8 reg fix (bottom page)
Garmin NS430 users look here:

FAQ page

VAICOM PRO 2.5 User Manual
There is no spoon.

VAICOM PRO plugin for DCS World

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