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I’ve played some of Baltic’s stuff where a flight lead performs what appears to be very scripted specific maneuver based on a trigger of some sort. I assume it’s possible to have another aircraft fly a defined path or specific maneuver, but not, say, have an aircraft fly an adaptive path based on certain relative parameters (like range or angle off) or something like a conditional if/then flight path? If that is the case then things like butterfly set for HA should be doable as it’s just two turns, but that’s just more realistic training of the same HA BFM. Something like offensive 3k perch, where we would need AI to execute a correctly timed ditch and attempt a deck transition would almost definitely not be?

Big assumptions here about what’s possible or not, just making educated guesses based on what I’ve seen others make it do. I’m just thinking through various drills and the learning objectives, and what we’d need the AI to do to fly them correctly. I think you’re right, I suspect most would be difficult or impossible to do without more direct control of AI. Perhaps ED can?
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