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Originally Posted by GGTharos View Post
'Home on Jam' should not be accurate - currently, DCS simulates the missile flying 'pure pursuit' towards the target - more realistically, the miss distance should be increased a lot, but the missile should continue to guide in PN ... but possibly degraded. For example, if the guidance takes distance into account, it must now ignore distance and lose any efficiency related to using this parameter.

The technical reason for large miss distance vs HoJ is sensor wash-out. The jammer outputs many times the power that the missile normally homes in on, and this desensitizes the missile's antenna, making the target look more ... fuzzy - the exact location becomes difficult to determine. Maybe a picture would help here

ARH missiles will still have a significant advantage here compared to SARH, since they can employ their own, more sophisticated ECCM while even a modern SARH missile has to somehow coordinate with the illuminating radar.
В реальной жизни я уверен есть куча мелких нюансов, однако в DCS ( ситуацию в котором я и описал ) все завязанное на этой теме, работает упрощенно ( лол F-16C / F/A-18C и F-14 до сих пор не воспринимают помехи ).

Ofc in real life u have more and more details, but in DCS we don't have detailed realisation of this aspect I'm sure ( so I told about DCS realization in my post ). ( lol F-16C / F/A-18C and F-14 still don't have ECM stuff in radar realization xD )

P.S: and thanks for your comments in this and another topics, read that always, very interesting and helpful most times

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