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Default Question about performance tab of Windows task manager

First of all, please forget my ignorance , I merely try to learn a bit more about this..

Is checking the performance tab in the Windows task manager a proper way to find my pc's hardware bottleneck?

Few weeks ago I doubled my RAM to 32GB and when I check the task manager now I do see that the bottleneck seems to have shifted from my pc's memory to my 1080ti (the latter one being the first component to hit 100% usage). But I just noticed something weird that made me doubt if Windows task manager is an accurate way to check this.

I just played a mission which was kinda heavy on my pc, but with decent fps. At some point I tried speeding up time (ctrl-z), which obviously destroyed my framerate to about 5fps. While doing 2x time speed, I checked the task manager and surprisingly my CPU, memory and GPU all showed minor usage (like below 20%). I made sure my HMD was active while checking these values.
System specs:
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