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Originally Posted by Preendog View Post
Also note that taking off with auto flaps will screw up your pitch trim.
FA18C seems to be designed to keep autoflap On when taking off, since you're supposed to hit sustained speeds > 250 kts, 350kts for ferry and higher for altitude cruise, your pitch change is less in Auto than in - early - manual
Originally Posted by Crunchy View Post
.. Didn't know the speed brake retracts when your gear is down though. Isn't that a bit silly because I always used to land the A10C with the speed brake deployed and the gear down. I felt having the speed brake deployed really helped with landing the A10C.
Not flying like Airforce but like NAVY, you take shortcuts in the pattern which (often enough) means you correct your speed, when gears down, with additional holding of the speedbrake button, nothing wrong with that, the brake auto retract rather a safety design feature I'd guess, try landing fully loaded up (in a crosswind) and notice what happens with your speedbrake out when you cannot know your precise stall speed ..
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