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Default Another FPS issue: trees


Want to ask if there is a way, or a mod, setting, whatever possibility to improve FPS when flying close to ground in the presence of trees.

I noticed that trees affect my FPS to the most, but not when high above ground.

Played with all settings, getting 60 FPS steady with MSAA of (SSAA off all times), but even so, when flying close to trees FPS goes down to 35-40 providing a little stutter, just enough to annoy me when putting the piper on.

Different tree view distance settings have no impact, neither does MSAA, anisotropic filtering, ground textures option, preload radius, so i was thinking to try something in the graphics file or anything else on the outside. Trees are not more important than FPS so, even without them i'd be happy if FPS stays constantly at 60.

FXO and Metashaders 2 are deleted, with folder permisions calceled, so now they have no files in them. This however did not have an impact on the problem.

Specs: Gygabite X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, AMD Ryzen 7 @3.7GHz, Corsair 32 GB RAM @2666GHz, 500 GB Samsung m.2 NVMe, Radeon 580X 8GB GDDR5, PSU Corsair 750 W.
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