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Originally Posted by Kula66 View Post
* the F-15 slots in gunzo start with a very large amount of fuel - can this please be reduced?? Suggest 8000lb

Hi Kula !
I have opted for a fuel capacity that will give each plane a similar maneuverability; especially in the guns area. It does not mean I got it right, so I will check again and reduce it a bit.

Originally Posted by Kula66 View Post
* Can the gunzo area, currently over a city, be moved to an area with less ground clutter??? Its hard on VR frame-rates and just makes keeping tally harder with all the stutters and tearing.
Very good point regarding the performance issue. It's the one thing that spoils it for me too. I am afraid there is no other area having runways so close together. Your solution is in your settings ! And hope that ED takes VR players seriously one day and fixes it. They were almost there before the deferred shading became a must. Have tried Kegety's mod for the VR shaders ?

Originally Posted by Kula66 View Post
* Tacview support (exports) seems to have been disabled recently ... this is really useful for spotting errors and improving. Appreciate this takes bandwidth, but is very useful.

Thanks again for hosting a great server,
Tacview export should be on for the main server. The beta is bandwidth challenged so no can do. I will check that the main server has not exports turned off by mistake.

Cheers !

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