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Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
We have no idea if the Mustangs were warmed up. Also, the air temp has a lot to do with how quick it smooths out. I know my buddies Mustang sputters and coughs when it stone cold.
I just ran a test in DCS 1.5.7. I took a Mustang, and used these air temperatures: 20C/68F, 35C/94F, and -40C/-40F. There was NO wind for any of these tests.
For ALL three of these temperatures, the coolant and carburetor reflected the same temperature as the air. The oil did as well, but the gauge hits its bottom at 0C, but we can assume the actual oil was also the same as the air temperature. If the air temp was 20C, so was the carb, coolant and oil gauge. We can dismiss the idea that the DCS: P-51D Mustang is warmed up when spawned in.

-40C took a bit of effort. The engine would slowly start to catch, instead of instantly catching. It took about 6 seconds for it to wind up to idle. I find it amusing, yet not surprising that I was contrailing at sea level. I wonder what taildragger pilots near my local airport think of winter, as we can hit those low temperatures.
20C was quick as a snap, just like any other time the DCS: Mustang is started.
35C felt no different than 20C.

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