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Default Flying the Bf-109 hands-free?

I said earlier that I can fly the Bf-109 hands-free. I need to add something to make that a fully true statement. Because today I tried some different ground trim settings and I could not fly hands-free. The problem was not rolling however: the beast kept raising its nose even with elevators trimmed fully nose-down. This was embarrassing because I had said I can fly hands-free.
And then I realized that I was flying with my native Mongoos T-50 stick, while earlier I had my TM WH grip in the T-50 base. So I quickly swapped grips again and flew with the TM WH grip in the T-50 base. And yes, I could fly hands-free again. This is because the TM WH grip is much heavier than the T-50 grip and makes the stick lean slightly forward (if the spring is not too tight), shifting the neutral position slightly forward. This makes it possible to trim the Bf-109 for level flight.
Even if some people criticise me for an unrealistic set-up - I love it!
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