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Originally Posted by FlightControl View Post
So this mission has an advanced designation function. (I hope it works).
If you check the mission, there are TWO designation funtions added!

One for the SU-25T, which only works with a specific laser code 1113.
One for all other planes, which have "generated" laser codes, that means they work for A-10C.

I need to add a designation for the A-10A too, but assume that this plane is not flown so much, so thought this wasn't so urgent now.

With the SU-25T you can fire off KH-25ML and KH-29L missiles. You can join the Pontiac51 and Pointiac61 (Su-25T #003 and #004 which have preconfigured these missiles as a payload).
Once the RED targets are within FAC perimeters, you'll receive a message that the FAC is ready for designation. Select the SU-25T designation, and select autolase. (you can also smoke the targets if you want or illuminate them). So the FAC will lase the targets, and will send messages that it is lasing (check that). When you check the designation status, the AREA # is listed of the designation target. Select the relevant task in the mission using "Join Task", selecting either a SEAD, BAI or CAS with the same area #. (001, 002, 003 etc). And you'll receive coordinates either in MGRS, LL or BR, depending on your A2G settings).

Once you approach the target, and you select 7 (ground targets) in the su-25T, you'll see a circle. select L-ALT-W for override. And fire... The missiles will home towards the laser spots.

The autolase changes automatically units, if there are more than one unit in the target area.

Good luck!
I need to brush up on the a10 or frogfoot, and I'll give it a go. I've been focusing my time on ensuring the Ka-50 Vergeev Group campaign still works in the latest DCS, but could use a break.

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