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Originally Posted by aemvee View Post
I like that the radio stays connected after the ejection for a while, that helps with the rescue., I had radio 1 channel on left ear. When I enabled the effect it was back to both.
Thanks for reporting, it'll be fixed in the next release.

Originally Posted by 71st_AH Rob View Post

Can you add an about with the current version number, we are having difficulty connecting everyone and I suspect that it is an issue with different versions.
I'll add a version indication somewhere as well as the right click method HiJack suggested.

Out of interest, is the auto update working for you guys? It should notify you when launching the server or client about a new update.

Originally Posted by Coxy_99 View Post
Perfect i can still see the slider bars, If i need to change a frequency ill just make it less transparent

Edit: Just tested transparency top job can just i mean just see the sliders Thank you.
No worries!
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