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Originally Posted by SPS48A View Post
I have Banklers mission. Don't do very well with it for the same reason. I have set up a ground based approach with a break complete with gates. I just have to practice more I guess.

Question: Do you guys have your HOTAS throttle axis tune set linearly or have you applied a curve to it to give you finer granularity in the center? Right now mine is set up linearly. I may put a curve in it to help prevent over correction. Not sure what might cause in other flight configurations.
It won't help due to spool-up time for these motors in the PA range. You have to constantly seesaw the throttles to "average out" the power for a steady approach. Don't go too far though.
On my Warthog it takes an inch or so, back and forward, sometimes a little more or longer duration of power change. This part really takes time getting used to... well, depends on your experience.
I do have a slight curve on my WH throttles since I use mech. detents/finger lifts and had to fine tune the AB position. There are other ways to do it.
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