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Originally Posted by SPS48A View Post
Not bitching, just frustrated.

Well, you should be bitching… Powered Approach mode is unfinished so you just have to do whatever it takes to transition to onspeed without gross deviations. Push the stick into MPCD, start applying power as son as velocity vector starts dropping (but before it plummets) and trim at the same time. I just push the trim up for 3 or 4 seconds paying most attention to settling VV with power and pushing the stick down to remain around 600 feet. By that time I'm already past 180 but that's OK. Most of the times I'm onspeed at that point, if not I make minor trim adjustments while turning inbound.
Now, I always have the boat moving at 22 - 30 knots depending on wind. I also set the wind to at least 5 kts so the 180 point comes up quick and even when flying single ship I try to break no further then .5 nm. (350kts from initial to brea). You can always make it easier on yourself by breaking at 1nm past the bow which is fine. You can fit a 4-ship formation 2.5, 3nm. #4 guy will have it easy
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