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Originally Posted by SPS48A View Post
Bit confused.

1) Doesn't seem to be implemented in DCS - is this correct? I cannot get my throttle to go into cutoff by lifting the finger lifts and going to minimum HOTAS throttle.

2) & 3) Seem to conflict with each other. 2) says lock out fingers should not stop advancement into AB and 3) Says it should. Are you just saying we may want to choose the option that keeps the lockout active all the time? Or is this how it really works?

4) Makes sense, wouldn't want to mistakenly go into AB on a flight deck.

Also, do you have your HOTAS thrust curve set up linearly? I struggle with throttle control on the F18.
What throttles do you use? If Wartog HOTAS, you need to bind the cutoff/idle to each, the left and right throttle levers. Otherwise, throttles will not be able to place into cutoff.


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