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First, check finger lift option in Hornet section of the options window.
Finger lifts must be up before you move throttles and not after as you described.
Also, afterburner finger lift is needed when cat shot and not when land take-off in real jet (I.E. option Afterburner detent = Only carrier), so the option is there to switch between realistic and other settings. Check OPTIONS > SPECIAL >F/A-18C

As for how do finger lifts work:
1. FL on the front of each throttle must be raised to place the throttles OFF.

2. With weight on the wheels, launch bar retracted and the arresting hook UP or with weight off the wheels, afterburner operation is initiated by advancing the throttles through the MIL detent gates into MAX.

3. On the ground, an afterburner lockout system helps guard against inadvertent afterburner selection.

4. With weight on the wheels and launch bar extended OR the arresting hook DOWN, the afterburner lockout extends and the finger lifts must be raised or a force of approximately 32 pounds must be applied before the throttles can be moved to MAX.

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