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Default Normandy + Asset Pack: Too many trains

I am new to mission editor and am trying to create a simple mission involving a train. I add the train group and place it in the rail yard North of Faubg De Vaucelles then place several way-points along the track traveling SE out of town. Seems like everything is set up correctly. My mission is set for 10:00 AM. I set the train start time to 10:10 to give me time to take off and get to the area before it spawns. However I cannot tell if it is working correctly. There are so many trains spawning around and in the rail yard that I can't tell if mine is working or not. It appears not as the trains that spawn around the 10:10 time frame turn and go North over the bridge rather than traveling SE along the path I created.

Is there a way to eliminate the random trains that are being spawned by DCS and only have my train spawn? I tried taking "civilian traffic" out of the mission options but that seems to have killed all trains including the one I am trying to create. From what I can tell it appears to be all or none.

Am I correct or am I doing something wrong?
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