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Originally Posted by sobek View Post
The bottom line is, don't cheap out on the PSU. If it fails catastrophically, it can take the intire PC with it in a heartbeat.
+1 !

I used to fix PC's for a living and still do it for friends and family, next door people and alike.

Over those many years I have seen numerous cheap PSU's taking the whole PC with them into the grave.

Dont try to cut corners when you buy a PSU, it can serve you well for 2-3 PC's life if you buy the right one and keep your computer clean inside. Dust is one source for overheating, popped caps and little shorts across dust crumps, seen that all and took my lessons.

If you live in an area where power is not "clean" and outages come every now and then, thunderstorms and alike, then get a good UPS with a sinus wave kind of current, not the cheap rectangular versions for little money, they wont serve you well and harm your parts over time.
APC is usually my choice for aftermarket UPS devices ( Smart-UPS ).
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