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A few days ago i got my butt into gear and decided to install my new gtx 1070 xtreme gamer vid card,more ram and test the rift out....

Put it all together and nothin..System was dead..After some testing it turns my cosair power supply bought the far and was only puttin out 5 watts.....Weird how that suddenly happens when my pc has been off for a cpl months..
Out i got for a new one...Installed it and bbbzzzz bbbbbzzzzzz flames n smoke for a brief moment..

For some odd reason my hard drive shorted and i lost everything except my i5 and(rift wasnt plugged in nor my peddles or thrustmaster) board/ram....Poor visa took a beating..

Not that i spent alot of time on dcs(work and health come 1st)but now i gotta start from scratch again...

So has there been any add ons i should grab that i missed out on other than the jets i bought and a few extra missions??

Gonna have to look through old posts to get back in the swing of things..
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