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Originally Posted by chief View Post
I sure hope we don't get this overly modeled add-on based on data the devs "thought" were correct. That's all we need on multiplayer servers is a J17 with 2040 technology and weapons. The Phoenix is bad enough
Funnily enough, other than the guidance bug (not losing track/ability to regain track) its probably the most correct missile in DCS currently other than the Aim-7 (AIM-7 has improved guidance g-restrictions, quite basic still but is an API limitation, which have not made their way to other missiles). It can't be told when to go pit-bull due to missile API limitations which are being worked on/improved. But actual weapon performance is the closest of any DCS missile (besides the aim-7 potentially) due to it having G-restrictions and lofting before pit-bull. But it still has a good ways to be improved as the G-restrictions and lofting aren't matching where they should but that is currently waiting once again on the missile API.

You don't exactly get to just make a module for DCS, they will have to provide information to ED and go through ED's approval process before release to ensure it is up to standards in terms of accuracy for what is available through DCS.
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