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Originally Posted by AeroGator View Post
A pretty arguable statement given the fact we are happily selling tons in EU. Leaving alone supporting European customers, who support wise are in no way any different from any others.
Hi there AeroGator !

Beautifull to see a nice VKB/HB F14 product dooming up from the dark hazy ocean deck of a CV in the near future

I kinda have to agree to a certain lvl about the difference in the EU VKB and for example the NA VKB. The website for EU is a mess and completely not easy to find stuff on in my opinion. Also i see you can preorder the MCG on the NA store but i dont see anything on the EU page...

Anyways back to the F14 product i would love to see both pages with the same design and options to get into VKB/HB in the near future.

Rock on !
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