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I have been trying to update/install the latest version of KB but every time I go to start the program (with my desktop icon) it "encounters and issue" i.e. Kneeboard Building has stopped working ...
One time I got it to open so I could set the Preferences (as shown in your videos). But it never worked again after that (I installed to DCS Open Beta).

When I downloaded the installer, I saved it to a dedicated folder on a separate internal drive (where I keep ALL my DCS related stuff whereas DCS is installed in the Defaults on my C Drive).
I unzipped the installer to the same folder and sent the executable to my desktop.

I don't understand what's going on. I haven't done anything different from the first time I installed it (earlier version) which I unfortunately uninstalled prior to installing the latest.

Please ... any help will be appreciated. You are welcome to PM me if that is more appropriate.
Thanks in Advance
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