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Default Through The Inferno (Dynamic DCS) - Public US Server

Tutorial video on mission tasking, ground target location acquisition and more!

Some carrier ops gameplay from a random sortie:

Our official public US server status:
1.5.8 OpenBeta Caucasus []


The servers will be up 24/7 unless noted otherwise here.

-- Dedicated server based in California, USA --
Through The Inferno (Dynamic DCS) by deadlyfishes is an exhilarating endless, dynamic, and persistent open-world PvE experience for multiplayer.

Official Website:

More detailed information with maps, statistics and more can be found on our website.

Through The Inferno MP Servers are developed by:

[107th] deadlyfishes - Overall Mission Design, Server Development
Ciribob - Script Development
[107th] Topper - Persistence and Dynamic Framework Development
[107th] OscarJuliet - Ground Mission Design
[107th] Holt - Website Development

Thanks to the rest of the 107th JAS Squadron members for being patient as we continue to bring great updates to the server.


Please note that this is a GENERAL INFO thread to spread the word about our server on the DCS/ED Forums.

All questions, bug reports, community issues/concerns, squadron recruitment and other inquiries can be made on our website or our discord channel community.

Please DO NOT inquire about community issues, bans, kicks from the discord/game servers on this thread.

We WILL NOT consider any ban appeal/complaint made on this thread and will not consider unbanning from then on.

This server uses SRS Radio:
Find radio frequencies in-game in the server briefing.



Missions are initiated by players and are dynamically generated by the engine:

There are several exciting mission types available in "Through The Inferno"
  • Air to Air --> (Easy, Normal, Hard, Aggressive)
  • Air to Ground --> (Attack Jet A2G or Attack Helo A2G)
  • Infantry Assault --> (Drop off spec ops troops for a ground attack against enemy infantry using helos)
  • Multi-role
  • Anti-ship (1.5 Only)
  • Deep Strike (1.5 Only)
  • Carrier Ops Missions for the Su-33
Missions can be replayed and stacked. Each mission is dynamically generated and will never be the same when replayed.

  • Features a PERSISTENT combat zone where your progress of destroyed targets will persist through server restarts.
  • Handcrafted realistic dynamic ground target areas and enemy units.
  • Enemy CAP spawning logic that will evaluate the combat situation to spawn enemy CAP according to live player population and airframes.
  • 2.1 NTTR features real-world generated weather.
  • 2.1 NTTR brings you a STUTTER FREE enemy unit spawning logic. We've worked very hard to work around the lag/stutter that people experience when a multiplayer server spawns in a vehicle. We've completely optimized the spawning system and eliminated this issue outright.
Persistent combat environment will generate:
  • Randomized Scramble/Air Raid Events
  • Randomized Enemy Air Patrol Events
Dynamic, real-world weather in 2.1 NTTR:
  • After each restart, the weather will change to match the current real weather conditions in Nevada.

All modern fighter and ground attack modules are available!

WW2 and Korean War Era planes do not fit into our current dynamic missions. They may appear in our slot list as a novelty aircraft once in a while, but at this point those missions have been phased out since their use was extremely minimal after almost a year of having them on our server.

Other Features:
  • JTAC for aircraft that use it
  • Wonderfully handcrafted Air to Ground Missions designed by OscarJuliet.
  • Refueling tankers
  • CTLD Script for Helos (Pickup/dropoff troops cargo, AA defenses and more into battle)
  • CSAR Script for Helos (Rescue downed pilots) Note: Human pilots will not be locked out of a slot once they die/eject. This is purely for helo pilots' enjoyment. - REMOVED due to server performance issues.
  • EWRS Script for convenient AWACS Picture Reports
  • Dynamic combat events.
  • Combined Arms events and play-ability.
  • Custom kneeboards
  • Auto-kick and ban syste.m for team killing.
  • Great for beginners and veterans.
  • PvP GUNS ONLY 'Top Gun' Arena (Placed in a secluded area from the map, with preventative measures to keep PvP players away from the main PvE area)

Official Server Rules::


Detailed information for specific missions:


This task will initiate enemy combat air patrol units.
A2A Ambient Spawns – x1 Bandit total – x1 Solo Group

These are the spawns that randomly occur when a friendly CAP plane is flying in the airspace. No mission initiation required.
F-16 MLU
A2A Easy – x2 Bandits total – x2 Solo Groups
A2A Normal – x2 Bandits total – x1 Group
F-16 MLU

A2A Hard – x4 Bandits total – x2 Groups
F-16 MLU
A2A Aggressive CAP – x4 Bandits total – x1 Group

These are Elite Squadrons, they have their own very skilled flight lead.
Voice and SFX clips are added for more of a narrative approach to these dogfights.

Air to Ground - [JET - HELO]
This task will initiate enemy ground units.
-JET - Will generate more than 20 ground units, that will spawn at least 30nm away from base.
-HELO - Will generate more than 20 ground units, possibly another helo. These spawns do not spawn further than 20nm from base.
-Infantry Assault - Drop off troops using helos to fight enemy ground troops.
-Helos can use CTLD menu options to bring troops picked up from base to any location on the map, preferably a combat zone in need of support.

Air to Ground missions for all generations of aircraft are available.

This task will initiate enemy ground and combat air patrol units of moderate difficulty.

Anti-ship (Caucasus map only)
This task will initiate enemy ships and an air patrol over the target area at sea (Caucasus map only)

Carrier Ops(Caucasus map only)
Special missions, both CAS and CAP for carrier based aircraft.

Helo Missions (CTLD Script)
Pick up and drop off troops, build AA defenses, build vehicles and transport them, build FOBs, all using CTLD script (see link below for details)

Helo Missions (CSAR Script)
Rescue downed ejected pilots using the CSAR script (see link below for details)

Air to Air [WW2] (Caucasus map only)
This task will initiate enemy combat air patrol units from the WW2 era.

Air to Ground [WW2] (Caucasus map only) This task will initiate enemy ground units from the WW2 era.

Air to Air [Korean War] (Caucasus map only) This task will initiate enemy combat air patrol units from the Korean War era.

Air to Ground [Korean War] (Caucasus map only)This task will initiate enemy ground units from the Korean War era.


PVP GUNS ONLY 'TOP GUN' ARENA (Caucasus map only for now)

The arena has special designated slots that will place human pilots secluded area from the map, with preventative measures to keep PvP players away from the main PvE area.

Top Gun Arena slots cannot leave the designated area as seen in the image briefing in-game or preventative measures will be enforced by the server automatically.

There are options for Top Gun Arena PvE for BLUE only.

This will not affect the normal PvE gameplay on the server because of the designated zone more than 200nm away from the main PvE area.


Looking for the single player versions?

Caucasus Map

Script framework and scripts used:
MOOSE Framework


Please let us know in this thread of any issues/bugs or suggestions!

"Through The Inferno"
Endless, Dynamic, Open-World Experience for DCS World
Official Website
Join our Discord Server

Through The Inferno Missions:
Single Player:
Caucasus | NTTR - Las Vegas | Normandy (WWII)
Multiplayer Servers:
Dedicated Multiplayer

Discord Username: deadlyfishes#1869
Intel i7 7700k OC 5ghz | Titan Xp (SLI) | 64GB DDR4 RAM

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