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Originally Posted by eaglecash867 View Post
Did that review also include a review of the Rift S? It sounds like you might have been reading the ARS Technica review that has had its link posted on this forum several times in the last week or so. If it was that one, the author gets a lot of his details mixed up between the two headsets (comments about physical features that don't even exist on the Reverb, but exist on the Rift, etc.), and he doesn't mention the Mura problem that a lot of other reviewers have mentioned as pretty much the only problem they saw with the Reverb. Its currently rumored that that one problem is the cause of the release delay of the Reverb, so even that is probably going to be fixed. Heh, don't really care for rumors and speculation though.

I've got a Reverb on pre-order with Amazon, and if I hate it when I finally get it, I'm planning on using Amazon's excellent return policy. Until then, I have my Rift like you do, so I'm in no rush. I want HP to get it right, rather than releasing an incomplete product to meet a deadline. I'm also planning on keeping my Rift, because like you, I have a lot of Oculus titles that I don't want to lose access to. Hoping that somebody much more clever than I am with computer hardware will maybe come up with a hack to get Oculus Touch controllers to work in the WMR environment. Might be impossible, but it would be an awesome thing.

I bought an HMD once based solely on the reviews it was getting, and I hated it. Won't mention the name of it because that tends to get people upset. LOL. What I learned from that though is that only the individual can determine if an HMD is right for them. Currently still loving my dinosaur CV1.
Yeah I am still loving my Rift CV1. Been using it practically daily since Jan 2017. This thing is just rock solid and so totally reliable. No faffing about.
I just hope my incoming new Rift S is just as solid.
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