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Originally Posted by rogonaut View Post
Dude I-16 is a dangerous little fu...r. doesnt seem to be a helpless underdog as i expected, makes me wonder shouldnt it be easy bait for the more modern enemy?

If you fight it the right way, but if you get cought by it at slow speed or try to turn with it you will have a bad day.
The I-16 has the lowest wingloading of any of the DCS WW2 fighters, even the Spitfire MkIX. So it can turn tight.

And, while it has only 1100HP maximum, its also very light, so its power to weight ratio is not bad at all for a 1939 plane.

Its achilles heel is its very slow top speed, it just cant catch any of the other planes as long as they keep their speed somewhat high.
But, if they fail to do that....
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