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Originally Posted by Freakmeister51 View Post
I've just purchased the I-16 and was quite excited about the prospect of flying a new module. But to be honest I was a little disappointed about it when I finally got in to the cockpit. Finally, meaning, it takes twice as long as any other module to load. When I finally get the engine started and begin taxi, it handles pretty much like a supermarket shopping trolley. Surely, the rudder does not wave around like that in the real aircraft. As a result, taking off is almost impossible. I know this is a beta module and it is bound to have a few faults. Can someone please find out whether this wavering around during taxi and take off roll is supposed to happen.
every plane need some training at first try i faild too. if you want make it easier set full rpm and go full power in that case tail will lift very early removing this problem . i-16 t/o run is very short i i bet that you tried take off with low power. go full power that its easiest plane in dcs
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