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Originally Posted by WildWeasel303 View Post
If that kind of involvement and response in general (like a state of razbam or something) was even once a week just to give a rough standing on their progress and what sort of issues they are focusing, it would go a long way towards rebuilding the atmosphere with the customer base. Hell, I think a lot of us would settle for even bi-weekly with just a couple short sentences or key points. I understand they're busy/focusing their efforts on fixing things when they can, but it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to give a short post saying "Hey, this is what we're working on/tracking, more to come soon".

I totally agree.

I would also say that a timely response, not resolution, to bug reports would be greatly appreciated. Along with a tag on the title that it's been [REPORTED], or other appropriate status, would go a long way.
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