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Originally Posted by The_Pharoah View Post
yeah I know its a long shot but hey, if you don't ask, you don't get!!

What do we have?
- Huey
- Mig 21 underconstruction
- A7II under construction (halted I think)
- F100D under construction

What do we want?
- Vietnam map (minimum)
- the above under construction a/c to be completed
- atleast 1 additional NVAF a/c eg. Mig 19
- atleast 1 additional USAF a/c eg. F105 for long range bombing. The F100Ds were I think initially used for long range missions to Hanoi (Route I) but brought back to fly CAS missions in SVN and the burden taken up by F105s as FBs and F4s as CAP although I could be wrong.
- atleast 1 FAC a/c ie. OV1 or OV10 (OV1 is more basic). I know lots of players who love providing FAC duties.

So thats what...1 large map, 3 a/c (1 minimal you'd think ie. OV1). Remember this is 1960s a/c which didn't have TGPs, smart weapons and all that sort of stuff so HOPEFULLY it would require less dev time.

Anyway, there's a demand for it. Just want the devs to know.
+1, excellent ! Wish that happen ASAP

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