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Not even going to answer that comment, I can see your A Little Embarrassed here, your the one arguing with the pro's, because you know better it seems right.

I will leave you to keep arguing with the navy pilots and engineers since page 21 because you know your stuff LOL.

The water in my post was representing the AIR, fluid dynamics, pushing the sea plane skids up the "back side" of the water "before getting up on it's skids", a metaphor etc. Re read my post, you missed read that too.

Originally Posted by addde View Post
If u are trimmed correctly when adding power, the nose will raise by itself and there is no reason or need to pull on the stick.
i/e Stick/trim for AoA and throttle for glideslope.
Originally Posted by bbrz View Post
That's not the way to fly any aircraft and it doesn't apply the every plane either.

You never let an aircraft fly you. E.g. apply power and wait for the pitch attitude to change. You always actively control e.g. pitch and power.

Furthermore you are talking about long term flight path changes which can occur (depending on the aircraft) but that's not active aircraft control.

There are aircraft which do exactly the opposite when applying power and aircraft which don't change the pitch attitude at all when applying power, not even in the long term.
Originally Posted by ttaylor0024 View Post
That's exactly how it's done actually, you really don't have to bump the stick forward or aft. Power controls you. You're going to get some bad oscillations through on speed and some bad grades if you go around controlling the nose on the approach.

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