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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
So Gman,

Being in the failed reverb boat now (worked great for 3 months), any pro-tips on dealing with their CS? I just had my complaint escalated to their "Customer Care" division after they told me it would 2 MONTHS wait to get it replaced (after a 2 week wait already). They didn't like my proposed solution of you just send me a new one from your stock that you are selling for the holidays.

And since you've used em both, which is the best runner up to the Reverb, Index or RiftS? My current backup is my old CV1 but its pretty terrible going back to it.

I wish I had some good advice to give you about HP customer service. I'm in Canada and eventually got a hold of someone IN Canada, but she wasn't able to help expedite matters much, although she gave me her direct line at least.

Just for interest sake, would you mind telling me if you Reverb that failed had a 932 or 931 serial number?

I feel your pain, I had to threaten to do a charge back with my credit card company with HP QA in order to move things along with replacement number 2, as they just couldn't believe it failed so quickly after the 931 serial number unit I had first. I waited about as long as you're going to (end of January now from your posts) to get the replacement for the replacement (3rd Reverb).

So far as calling a winner for a number 2 unit when Reverbs aren't available, it's a tough call. The Index IMO is better than the Rift S, but it also costs much less, $250 less if you get just the Index headset with no controllers/lighthouses, and about $800 less if you get the full Index package (full Index on Steam is nearly $1450 CAD after tax/shipping, while you can get a Rift S for 450$ recently on sale here including free shipping and 30 day no question returns). For those who can't afford the Index, the Rift S isn't a bad option at all, but if $ isn't an option, I absolutely would grab and Index first. The Index is by far the best quality built headset I've tried so far. If it had just a bit better Resolution, it'd be my pick over the Reverb even if I didn't have any "Reverb issues".

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