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Originally Posted by rrohde View Post
Love my Reverb - what problems did you read about?

(also, the biggest problem with Oculus is that it's owned by faceyuck).

I can't tell if you're being serious or not. The initial Reverbs had so many issues that they pulled their launch after getting so many failed unit complaints, and went "comms dark" for weeks afterwards, suspending all sales, until they could get some of their stock "fixed".

I was an early adopter of the Reverb like a few others here. Like many, I had issues within days, the cable issue, screens going black issue, etc. Just read these forums alone, and you'll get the phone book of people having major issues, more with the "first gen/issued units", but even with the supposedly "fixed/new serial numbered units", there have been huge problems. I'm on Reverb number 3, and HP's warranty/customer service is in India mostly and has been a major PITA to deal with from my perspective.

So, to answer your question to the OP, I'm sure he read hundreds of posts here about Reverb issues, and if he went on Reddit or other places, thousands more. You're fortunate because you haven't had any issues, yet, but I'll be waiting for your posts when your cable fails.

I've owned every VR unit save the Xtal pretty much, and several of each as I have 4 gamers in my home a lot of the time. The 2 Index and 3 Rift S we're running have had no problems with hardware failures. The 3 Reverbs, 2 have had major problems, and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop on the 3rd one I'm using now.

Yes, we all know that the Reverb has superior resolution than all the other VR headsets right now, which is why I keep replacing ones that fail with a new one for my DCS gaming station. That said I certainly wouldn't fault anyone for buying the more reliable Rift S, which not only had that better reliability, but the operating environment is light years superior to having to work in Windows Mixed Reality. Ask any developer as well about working with the Occulus drivers compared to WMR/etc. Mucho el superioro.

I do agree that Face$$$k sucks, and that it's a shame they own Occulus now. It'd be great if the founder of Id software John Carmack was the sole owner and could take Occulus down a path all on his own...

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