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Originally Posted by og_wolf View Post
Oh men! I just received this force sensing mod. This is f*** precise! After first run it was a bit off center but after running TM calibration tool as said in manual it's just perfect.

Somebody earlier said that original slew was 8-bit (256 possible positions). I'm not sure of that as I see it in DIView (raw value) as 10-bit (1024 possible positions). In theory it might depend on Throttle production time (mine is s/n #26413). Or DIView might report something strange. I don't know. What I know is now I'm able to do very fine adjustments using slew control.

So... it looks like bye, bye to the Cougar throttle. At least for some time.

Deltaalphalima1 you did a great job! Thanks man!
Thank you! Glad you like it

To clear up the resolution thing, as a few people have mentioned it:

It is an 8 bit interface, that’s a limitation of the throttle unfortunately. I’m actually reading the sensor position at 10 bit (at nearly 10kHz ) but I then have to down-scale to transmit to the throttle at 8 bit ~ 10Hz over I2C.
It might only be 8 bit, but I am actually using all of it, unlike the original sensor. That only used around 20 positions, so was really more like 4 bit over an 8 bit interface. Whereas I’m using all 256 values.

I'm by no means an expert on directX, or USB HID, but I think it's very common to up-scale joystick readings for various software reasons, but you don’t get any more precision. Just larger jumps in readings.

I don't have any switch suggestions, I’ve not put one into my throttle (yet!). I might buy a few nice looking switches and try and recommend something.

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