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Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
By "Napalm" Mk-77 fire bomb has planned to F/A-18C hornet, but surelly has added to other aircrafts (F-5).

About the "actual" Vietnam modules:
-A-4 Mod -(comunity)
-A-6/KA-6 (IA) -Heatblur
-AH-1F -ED
-F-5E -ED
-F-4E -ED
-F-8 Crusader -Magnitude3
-F-14A -Heatblur (yes, the F-14 was deploy on Vietnam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-14_T...m_Saigon_(1975) )
-Forrestal Class Carrier (AI) -Heatblur
-Mig-19 -RAZBAM
-Mig-21Bis -Magnitude3 Not "exact" version but has applicable.
-OV-10 Bronco -Razbam
-UH-1H -ED
Of which we currently have exactly the UH-1H, the MiG-19 (forgot that one), MiG-21 in a faaaaar more modern version, a more modern F-5E and the community mod A-4E in a too modern version... can make do, but it is still a more late 70ies to 80ies mix of aircraft.
The other "ideas" may be around in 2025, but I prefer the Afghanistan and Syria maps, may be a Balkans map, until they arrive, especially with the F-16C coming soon.

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