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Originally Posted by PilotMi8 View Post
update: WIP
please Mi8pilot..

1) allow UH-1H multiplayer to have multi-crew positions like the L-39
2) door gunner positions a must
3) dedicated axis commands (x-axis, y-axis) for the miniguns/doorgun/M60D
4) separate camera ports for the door gunner (hoping that the player view is independent of where you aim the miniguns, so the user can, for example look to the right, even though the user is aiming the gun to the left...

my dream is to build physical controllers specific for the miniguns for use in VR, where i have cooperative multiplay with friends where i have a pilot fly with a gunner, with VR setups..
one pilot, with two gunners would be insane... especially in virtual reality!

but thank you for the work already put into the UH-1H and other belsimtek modules.
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