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Originally Posted by streakeagle View Post
For Korean War purposes (my principal interest in flying the F-86), I would want the F-86A, F-86E, and F-86F-35. As the F-86F-35 was the latest and best variant to be flown in that war, it makes sense that this would be the one selected for release. Of course, I wouldn't mind getting an F-86F-40, too. But, I am going to guess that the cost in development versus sales makes creating closely related yet substantially different variants a bad bet for any DCS developer. I would buy nearly every major F-86 and MiG-21 variant, but how many others would pick one or two of their favorites or even none at all?
actually the f86f30 was the last sabre variant to see action in the korean war. from what i could find the f86f35 went into service during late korean war, but not seeing service in the actual Korean front.


I mean the F-86f35 is no different from the block f30 in terms of airframe ( including the same 6-3 wing with no slats) and uses the same engine. it was just a production batch fitted with the LABS system for toss bombing tactical nukes. And of course the its depicted as a variant with a sidewinder retrofit which didnt go into operational available until somewhere around mid 1956.

without the missiles i gues it still counts as korean bird, and is still a fair match against the Mig15bis.
but for all intents and purposes its at least up to 1956 era standards id say due avionics added to have it fire heatseakers.

anyways i do hope to see a H sabre, and maybe a Block 40. thus in turn would allow for another party ( or the same one) to add the Mig17. Mig17f would fit into both 50s conflicts such as the taiwan straight crisis of 58 and further into the 60s including the vietnam theatre as well as some middle eastern conflicts such as the 6 day war.

I think the F86H would be more interesting. Its often overlooked compared to other developments of the sabre such as the F-86F40 and the Canadair Sabre.

The F86H was the best day fighter/bomber development of the american USAF Sabre. Quad 20mm M39 Revolving cannons, F40 type wing slats (on the H block 10 version), and having an improved engine sporting about 8900 pounds of thrust. Since the Hawg sabre served in reserve up until the early 70s that would mean Mk80 bomb series for the sabre. It also had the LABS system incorporated and eventually the Sidewinder retrofit just like some of the F block Sabres.

They were produced from 1954-1956.



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