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Originally Posted by AlaskanGrizzly View Post
Version is now available.

Version Changelog:

-implemented auto update feature at application start
-added ability to manually create new groups
-added ability to manually import images to groups
-added selective reordering of images in groups
-added 'select all' button to modify page
-added ability to modify default Kneeboard (the kneeboard that shows airport charts by default)
-added General DCS World custom kneeboard that will be visible to all aircraft
-added option to choose whether to replace an existing group, merge with an existing group or create a new group during .pdf imports
-fixed issue of folder explorer not pointing to correct folder in the preferences page
-minor bugs fixes and minor GUI tweaks
-added readme file

Download link in first post has been updated.
It seems that 1.2 will touch the Kneeboard foloer in DCS World/Bazar/Terrain and make a copy of orig Kneeboard folder. Since all the operations will be erased after update or repair, so I suggest all changes should be done in Saved Games/DCS/Kneeboard

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