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Originally Posted by Igor4U View Post
I originally started flying (w HOTAS Warthog) the Yak Bird with my DCS Defaults of 10% Curves for Pitch & Roll.

The Yak-52 proved way too sensitive at 10% Curves which resulted in fast twitchy control inputs - very unrealistic. I've increased them (to 20-25% for Yak-52 Specific) which has resulted in much smoother and realistic aircraft response to flight control inputs.

Don't worry about any optimum setting Graphs - a Little Trial & Error will let you actually feel your adjustments as you fine tune them - you'll be one Happy Ruski (no offense) in less than 5 Minutes.

I'm having a Ball with the Yak-52 - Great Fun Plane. Wish I had one for Real !
Hi Igor,

Thank you for the post. I am going to try with 20-25% to feel it. I loved that bird so much that I decided to creat a mission on Caucasus to Navigate the entire map flying VFR and even created an Air Club with a short strip South of Senaki. You gotta be with the airplane well familirized to make in and out there. There are 10 navigation missions and the 11th is for the Air Club.

Although I don’t know anything about triggers or anything fancy, I am having a ball flying that mission I created.

All the best,

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