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Originally Posted by Mouse_99 View Post
I've been messing around for weeks trying to set up my x52 controllers throttle and stick. Need some advice on how to do it. Like modes, I see profiles talking about modes, how do you set them up, how do you program the come with software to work in DCS? How do you program the mouse control on the throttle to work in DCS? How do you get a slider or rotational control to work in DCS? I have been wasting time and everyone on YouTube only puts part of the solution up, like you are born knowing this stuff. Need some help, especially when you have to put DMS, TMS, Coolie Switches, and other things together and you don't even know what they do.

Check out my post here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...&postcount=170

At the very least it might give you some ideas, or you can download the package and try it out.
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