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It'd be amazing if we managed to get both Ramat David, Akrotiri and Incirlik. Would open up for a lot of scenarios.
-Col. Russ Everts opinion on surface-to-air missiles: "It makes you feel a little better if it's coming for one of your buddies. However, if it's coming for you, it doesn't make you feel too good, but it does rearrange your priorities."

DCS Wishlist:
  • MC-130E Combat Talon
  • F/A-18F Lot 26
  • HH-60G Pave Hawk
  • E-2 Hawkeye/C-2 Greyhound
  • EA-6A/B Prowler
  • OV-10D/D+ Bronco
  • RA-5C Vigilante
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