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Originally Posted by Strikeeagle345 View Post
yeah, i dont notice it because if i move my eyes far enough left and right everything is blurry. #Fresnellenses
Yeah pretty much this. At least on the rift, if its not center of view its a blurry mess due to the lens design. So really that 110FOV is definately less. But you can notice stuff there and shift your focus.

Shader mod with its masks works in a similar way, you render the nice image in front, and the further out the view gets you don't need fancy details because you can't make them out anyway due to the HMD design. I had to keep shrinking the MSAA mask size smaller and smaller to even see it, then I bumped it back out a bit and my whole view looks like it has MSAA even though like only like half the pixels are getting it, but the remaining pixels already look bad due to the optics, so who cares what they look like.
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