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Default DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 5

  • Restored buildings in the NTTR map.
  • The Integrity check system will not prevent loading mods from the user folder.
  • Fixed issue with manually deleted strings in the option.lua All deleted strings will be restored after saving option in the game.
  • Fixed issue that caused infantry don’t move.
  • M818. Added texture of glass.
  • F-5E. Broken velocity indicator will be able to repaired.
  • F-5E. Added some input commands to game mode.
  • F-5E. Incorrect firing rate presets for LAU-3 rocket launcher fixed.
  • F-5E. Second digit of laser code may has invalid values fixed.
  • F-5E. Main landing gear tyres are torn at 180 kts and GW 22K lbs fixed.
  • F-5E. Runway start and following respawn result in retracted nose strut fixed.
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