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Glad you're enjoying it! It's very awesome.

Originally Posted by DmitriKozlowsky View Post
Normal field landing is absurdly easy, with 150 knot at threshold. Wheel brakes, are weak IMHO. After t/d, hold nose until it settles, then stick full fwd so that elevators act as spoilers, and press front gear into runway, apply wheel brakes.
Make sure you're under max landing weight. 150knots sounds kinda fast, either you were heavy, or you were fast. Use the AOA Indexer to the left of the HUD. You want to see a steady doughnut. Went the wrong way with the stick, pull it back, not forwards. No brakes on the nose wheel, no sense pushing it into the pavement while lifting the main wheels (the ones with the brakes) off of it. It's got antiski just stand on those pedals, don't pump them. You should be able to get it stopped no problem... a lot of people reported these exact same problems as you every now and then.

Enjoy your time with her!
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