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Default Anyone switched from Rift S to Quest purely for IPD purposes?

I have noticed that my IPD is seemingly not ideal for the Rift S's fixed lens positions, which isn't surprising since I'm a pretty small person. The software IPD adjustment seems to only affect the scale of 3D objects, so that's not really a solution. I haven't measured my IPD yet but I have 20/20 uncorrected vision both near and far. If I'm in the sweet spot for one lens, the other one is blurry -- and if I try to shift the headset to fix that, the other one becomes the blurry one. So I'm almost certain this is simply a matter of IPD.

I was thinking of selling/trading my Rift S for a Quest (with Link cable) since it has manually adjustable lens distance. I figured the slightly higher resolution of the Quest would be nice too, but I seem to be finding some comments indicating that the overall visual quality is worse on the Quest. However, I get the feeling that the improvement from the proper lens alignment would outweigh that overall. Any thoughts on switching to the Quest for this purpose?

Btw I'm not too concerned about the lower refresh rate, I usually run DCS in ASW 45 FPS mode.
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