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Originally Posted by M0ltar View Post
In football your goals for and against are you K/D and that is why this is being treated as such.
Agree, there is no problem. K/D you can continue to use on that way (including penalty deaths). But in K/R calculations exclude penalty deaths. Because in football they use goal difference (8-3=5 (+5)) not "goal ratio" (8/3=2.66).
For tie breaker you can use K/D difference. For example:
Match1, rnd1: 4-3
Match1, rnd2: 4-0
Stats: K/D: 8-3 (+5); K/R: 2.66
Match2, rnd1: 4-0
Match2, rnd2: 3-4
Match2, rnd3: 4-3
Stats: K/D: 19-10 (+9); K/R: 1.9

Match1, rnd1: 4-3
Match1, rnd2: 4-0
Stats: K/D: 8-3 (+5); K/R: 2.66
Match2, loss forefeit: 0-4
Stats: K/D: 8-7 (+1); K/R: 2.66

Also every team (GOLD in this example) have a chance to achieve max/best 8-0 in every match. So forefeit can be loss by 8-0 good enough and fair. In this case TEAM B will have Stats: K/D: 8-11 (-3); K/R: 2.66 ...TEAM B is in trouble even they are good pilots and have good K/R.

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