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Originally Posted by Tinkickef View Post
Gamma not only alters brightness, it also alters the dynamic range as perceived by the eye. I never use over 1.8 and usually 1.7 - 1.6 depending on mission, as above that, I always found the Rift to look washed out with dull colours. Same with the Reverb.

I really have not noticed any real difference between Rift and Reverb so far. Then again.. individual results may vary.

Other thing... my missions are usually either at night, sunset or sunrise. Never at midday.

actually I have reshade installed in my setup (makes a huge difference in the 2d game) - it can be enabled/disabled easily with the f5 key - it does load up in the menu's for DCS when I paly in VR- but not sure if it loads or has any effect on fps or visuals when using it with a reverb...………………?
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