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Default Q&A Spitfire Mk XIV

Welcome to the Questions and Answers thread for the VEAO Supermarine Spitfire MK XIV.

In this thread feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this module and myself and the rest of the VEAO team will do our best to answer them as best we can.

To cover a few commonly asked questions from the warbirds thread :

• No ETA yet
• The Spitfire as with the other modules will be EFM to PFM standards
• Full ASM
• We will be doing the low back version with clipped wings.

If you guys have any questions for us then this is the place for you!

I can’t promise that we will answer all of them (usual NDA stuff applies etc etc) but we will certainly try!

Keep an eye out for the Eye Candy thread and the Dev Diary not only for this aircraft but for the other warbirds as well!

All the best

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