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Originally Posted by Solty View Post
Me262 was underdeveloped and pushed into service too early with massive engine problems.
Actually not all all. The early/mid war - like 41/42 - JUMOs had significantly higher power output and better reliability than the serial production. The culprit was not that they were underdeveloped, but by 43/44 the rare metals needed could not be acquired in necessary amounts. So a bunch of sub par alloys were used in the turbine which caused massive problems. To alleviate these problems the engine output was decreased and a bunch of changes and new features introduced. That is btw the same reason the germans didnt bother with turbochargers, the materials withstanding the massive exhaust heat simply couldnt be acquired

The speed graphs you posted are btw for the 605DC/ASC with C3 config without MW50 at 1.8 ata and the comparison sheet is for the pre production model with 1800 PS engine. Not really meaningful to the 1850 PS 605DB + MW50 DCS model. In DCS the K-4 does 595-600 kph at deck and around 710 kph at altitude.
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