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Originally Posted by Little_D View Post
Hi gents,
here my 2 sence of gun DM/Hitpower of the different planes on air-targets

1. Bf109K-4 / (P-38, even when it is not there, but has guns in the nose )
2. Fw190D-9
3. Spitfire MKIX
4. P-51D
Personally I like the FW-190 weapons a bit better than the Bf109 ones for anti-fighter work. Yes the 30mm hits real hard .. but the rate of fire isn't great and the muzzle velocity is kinda low, so actually getting hits isn't that easy. Being nose mounted is good, but the 190's weapons are so close together that in practice there are no convergence issues there either. You also don't get a lot of ammo with the Mk108, and it's a bit "overkill" for a fighter. It's perfect for killing bombers though.

Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
That wouldn't be historic. The P-51 has almost 5000 kills in WW2. It wasn't always because they had higher numbers in the fight. Sometimes it was the other way around.
I love the P-51 and I think it was an important part of the allied victory ... but mostly due to it's range, and numbers. Quantity has it's own quality. There's no doubt in my mind the most advanced plane of WWII was the Me-262, because it was simply a plane from a different era. And that makes sense, Germany was strapped for resources and pilots, it made sense for Germany to focus on quality ... the Allies weren't so they took the very sensible (and ultimately successful) approach of going for quantity.
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