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Originally Posted by Konovalov View Post
Release pressure on stick, bring nose down, and increase throttle. This is only the start of year 3 for early access with the Harrier. No one I think has any idea of how many more months or years it will remain in early access. Perhaps after the M2K gets its love then the Harrier will be next.
We can hope. Realistically though, I don't care that their 3D guys are working on the mig23 or whatever else, not like they are writing systems code or FM code and the existing 3D models are done. What I do care about is that they finish the existing modules before starting pre-orders for the 23. And I really do want the 23, and given that complexity wise its closer to the mig19 than the M2k or harrier I think it was a good choice for them, the only thing I expect to be a problem is the FM.
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