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^ It's Ctrl-Y (on standard QWERTY keyboard, MAD-MM, you're using QWERTZ layout I presume).

OK, I've got the answer for first half of Hummingbirds problem - the F2 "TAS" is actualy more like a GS (though I recall Yo-Yo's post explainign that it's not really a GS either). The Caucasus free flight mission has some wind added down low (plus a bit of a turbulence when flying REALLY low above sea waves), thus "TAS" readouts are changing depending on your heading - from 520-few to 540-few (!). Clearly for better evaluation, one has to hop into full editor and make a mission with strictly ISA-sea-level-conditions.

No idea about second half of the problem, though. The radiators should not open, at least not that quickly - I flew the plane full boost for 8+ minutes (stopwatch measured)... until I closed fuel cock by mistake by hitting "T" instead of "Y" . Still, even though probably 5+ minutes were with oil at 100 degrees, the rads didn't open (I recall they're controlled strictly by coolant temp anyway) and the engine was running well.
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